Toenail Fungus Symptoms And Causes |

Toenail fungus is a common problem.

Toenail fungus can occur directly on the nail, or through the spread of untreated foot vomiting that causes symptoms in the form of peeling, blistering and itching on the feet and between the toes.

Nail Fungus can also hit fingernails. Among swimmers, wrestlers and basketball players, nail fungus is especially common. One reason is that the causing fungi are in humid environments, such as swimming pools, public showers and changing rooms.

Skin and nails that are damaged or soaked can be more easily attacked by fungus. Toenails grow more often than fingernails, because toenails grow more slowly, making it easier for mucus wires to attach.
It is unusual for children to have toenail fungus.

What Are The Common Toenail Fungus Symptoms?

The most common symptoms for toenail fungus in the early stage are:toenail fungus infection

  • Thickened, crumbly, britten or sliced nails.
  • Light Yellow to Darker/brown-ish nail
  • A slight smell.

More common for nail fungus that has escalated:

    • The nail becomes darker, this is caused by debris that’s been built under the nail.
    • Distorted shape, often looks like the nail is “twisting”.
    • The nail is noticeably thicker than before.
    • The smell can be really bad.
    • Pain when wearing shoes.
    • In rare cases nail fungus on toenails can hurt when the nail becomes thick and presses the nail bed.

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Take care of your nails on your hands and feet.

Be careful not to expose the nails to pressure or other damage, as it may help the fungus to attach and cause infections. Using plastic gloves for dishes and laundry is an easy way to protect skin and nails on your hands.

Avoid nail fungus by:

  • Make sure to have a good foot hygiene.
  • Wash your feet frequently with a neutral soap and dry your feet carefully. Remember to dry dry between your toes.
  • Use cotton socks. Change socks everyday and wash them at 60 ° C to kill any fungus.
  • Keep your feet dry.
  • Avoid dense shoes, for example. shoes made of plastic and for small shoes.
  • Please change your shoes during the day.
  • Do not borrow or change shoes with other people.
  • Use bathing shoes when visiting a bathhouse or in public showers.
  • Treat nail fungus as soon as you notice symptoms.

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When is the time to see a Doctor?

  • You have not been diagnosed with nail fungus yet.
  • You get a lot of pain from the nail.
  • If the fungal infection spreads as deeply as down to the nail band / the lower nail attachment.
  • A child that has symptoms similar to nail fungus.